Veyo Case Study: Reliable Transportation on the Road to Recovery

July 12, 2021

Veyo + REN Case Study

“Veyo’s RideView portal has greatly reduced the stress we used to feel around scheduling transportation for our members–with RideView we spend far less time coordinating these services and are able to focus on what really matters, which is guiding our members through a full healthy recovery.”

– April Dickerson, CEO of REN

Recovery Empowerment Network (REN) is a behavioral health Community Services Agency (CSA) organization located in Maricopa County that provides recovery and healing opportunities in their community by sharing their recovery Journey to those who suffer from mental illness. Focusing on physical health and intentional learning, REN provides a path to wellness at each stage of the recovery process through the support of Peer Support Certified employees who were once in members’ shoes. REN has served the Maricopa community for over 15 years, helping guide over 5,634 members through their personal recovery journey.

For members of the REN organization, access to reliable transportation to and from services is critical to their wellness journey. For vulnerable populations, like those with physical disabilities or behavioral health needs, taking public transportation or transporting themselves can be extremely difficult and in some cases impossible.

Learn how REN is partnering with Veyo to streamline their medical transportation process and take advantage of Veyo’s online booking platform, RideView, and their innovative Independent Driver-Provider (IDP) fleet of healthcare-trained and credentialed rideshare drivers who bring the flexibility and convenience of consumer rideshare to healthcare.

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