Veyo Featured IDP: Rondi from our Arizona Market

July 8, 2021

Every month, we feature an independent driver-provider and their Veyo journey in their own words. This month, Rondi from Arizona talks about how kindness can make a difference in people’s lives, and never give up when you know that you are doing the right thing.


“He was one of the regular riders that I picked up at the substance abuse treatment center. He was usually aloof. I picked him up again on a cold day. I could tell something was up with him this time. So I asked him, ‘How’s it going today? Everything ok?’ He avoided eye contact with me at first. But I kept asking as I could tell something was wrong, ‘What’s going on?’ He told me that all his belongings were stolen. He was getting tired of living on the streets, and didn’t want to live anymore.

I knew that I had to help him. It was getting cold so I gave him my coat. Since I picked up members from the substance abuse treatment centers pretty often, I kept information about the centers with me. I suggested that he should seek help from the center. ‘There has to be someone in there that can help you.’ He still wouldn’t look at me. ‘Hey look at me. Let’s go inside together and we can figure things out,’ I said. A passerby overheard our conversation and said, ‘Maybe he doesn’t want to be helped.’ But I wasn’t going to give up on him and I continued to encourage him. 

I took him inside the treatment center. They were able to get him housing. He finally opened up and was very grateful for my help after that. I was so glad that I insisted on getting him help. Now he’s off the streets and would be able to rebuild his life.

I’ve been driving with Veyo for 4 years. I never looked back. I like that I’m helping people and the flexible schedule works for my nursing school schedule. I’ve met a variety of people and I never had problems with anyone. If I run into any member that needs help, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”


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