Veyo Featured IDP: Lauri E. from our Connecticut Market

December 2, 2020

Every month, we feature a driver and their Veyo journey in their own words. In the season of joy, Lauri from Connecticut talks about how he’s spreading joy to everyone he comes across, one ride at a time.



“I remember that it was a rainy day in late October. I picked up this older gentleman in Hartford and was supposed to drop him off at a parking lot for Covid testing. He was appreciative that he got a ride from me this time as he didn’t know his trip was covered and walked for miles with his walker to the testing site last time. As we approached the outdoor testing site, it started pouring. The line was more than an hour long. Though I was done for the day, I decided to stay with him and gave him a ride home. He was so thankful that he was almost in tears.

Lauri in Action

To me, when I’m driving, it’s more than just a ride. These people are going to or from their appointments. Some of them are hurting, or sick, or feel anxious going to their treatment. My goal is to add some joy to people in the car. I try my best to encourage people as I drive.

Another time I picked up this lady who was all bummed out going to her treatment so I tried to cheer her up. By the time I dropped her off, she said “You made my day today. Now I can face what I have to go and face”.

Lauri & Lynette

I understand what a lot of these passengers are going through. I took Lynnette, my first wife of more than 40 years, to every cancer treatment before she passed away. It was not easy. I know that it takes a lot of courage for them to go to their treatments. Many of them go to their appointments alone. To cheer them up, I usually start off talking about the weather, the easiest topic to talk about. Lately I understand that people are hurting as they can’t celebrate Thanksgiving normally like they used to. So my favorite question to ask them was “What are you thankful for today?” I remember telling one passenger, “I got up this morning and turned my water on. And I’m thankful to have running water.” And usually from then on, we chat about positive things. A simple question can change their perspective, their energy to face what’s ahead of them. I feel like I did my part. Lynnette was big on volunteering and helping people. I think in a way I’m honoring her by helping my passengers.

Every morning, I look forward to being sent to pick up and meet new people every day. My biggest thing is: I will do anything I can do to bring joy to their day. People are hurting during this pandemic. It’s important to see someone that cares about you. I try to encourage as many people as I can. It’s really important to me.

Lauri & Elaine

Before Lynnette passed away, she prayed that I would find a good partner that would take care of me. I’m fortunate to have met Elaine a few years after Lynnette passed away. Since I started driving with Veyo, I feel great coming home every night, sharing with Elaine how I cheered my passengers up during the day. I know that Lynnette is smiling in heaven seeing me make a difference in people’s lives.”

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