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December 1, 2020

Veyo IDP offers Assistance with Wheelchair

When we think about essential healthcare services, our thoughts often turn first to doctor appointments, specialist referrals, and medications. Reliable transportation, however, is an equally important — though often overlooked — service due to its critical role in enabling access to health care. 

For too many people, a lack of transportation has far-reaching consequences. When patients miss their appointments because they cannot find reliable transportation, it’s a lost opportunity to receive treatment, monitor and track their health, or ask health-related questions. Over time, these lost opportunities result in untreated symptoms, late diagnoses, or negative health outcomes. 

Health transportation, unfortunately, is a difficult problem to solve, and people everywhere have felt the effects. Traditional non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) has for decades operated in a relatively uncoordinated, fragmented, and inefficient manner, and as a result some patients have lost trust in NEMT services. Poor experiences have lowered expectations and instilled a belief that transportation services are an unreliable yet unavoidable issue, rather than a central ally for care.

At Veyo, we believe that transportation, done right, can be transformative for patients and their health. That’s why we are committed to evolving NEMT to a new standard of service — one that makes medical transportation convenient, reliable, and high-quality. By delivering exceptional member services, Veyo aims to establish trust, bring peace of mind, eliminate transportation as a barrier to care, and to ultimately improve health outcomes.

For patients aiming to arrive at their appointments safely and on time, arranging trips can be complicated. In a traditional NEMT model, members may spend hours waiting for a vehicle and any questions about late or missed pickups are relegated to long calls with a dispatch center, with no guarantee that problems will be quickly solved. These issues are even more complicated for members who live in a rural area and have to travel several hours to reach their appointments. They must simply trust an opaque system to meet their transportation needs. 

Veyo is revolutionizing NEMT services so that members can expect complete efficiency, connectivity, and confidence in their health transportation, no matter where they live or what their needs may be. Veyo provides:

  • High standards, exceptional service: Veyo IDPs are trained and credentialed according to Federal and State CMS requirements, including first aid, CPR, HIPAA, ADA education, patient sensitivity, and hand-to-hand service, so that they are ready to meet each members’ unique needs. Paired with traditional transportation providers and Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), Veyo offers the most powerful provider network in NEMT
  • Full service member experience: Veyo manages call centers, trip-booking portals, and mobile-optimized member portals to easily and efficiently verify eligibility, determine the most appropriate mode of transportation, send trip updates, and enable the highest-quality access to care
  • Trust and transparency: Veyo brings unprecedented reliability and connectivity to NEMT with convenient and easy-to-use mobile tools through which members can communicate with drivers, find real-time estimated time of arrivals (ETAs), view maps of arriving vehicles, and rate their service after a trip
  • Complete member support: While over 99% of our member trips are dispatched automatically and completed successfully, Veyo’s Member Support Team manages and supports last-minute dispatches or trips that might need additional assistance, ensuring that every member gets picked up on time, every time
  • COVID-19 precautions and services: In response to the pandemic, Veyo rapidly assembled specialized fleets for COVID-positive members with increased protective equipment and sanitization protocols for optimal safety, so that members can get the care they need even in uncertain times 

By redesigning the NEMT model from the ground-up around members and their needs, Veyo is transforming patient transportation resulting in better member experiences and ultimately, better health in the community.

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