Veyo Case Study: Equal Access to a Healthy Recovery

December 21, 2021

Veyo + New Health Case Study

New Hope Behavioral Health Center (NHBHC) is an outpatient substance abuse behavioral healthcare clinic that specializes in opioid use disorder, partnering with healthcare professionals to manage and treat opiate dependent patients. With an exceptional team of physicians, pharmacists, nurses and counselors, NHBHC has developed a comprehensive, holistic strategy for a balanced treatment of physical and mental health issues, helping patients lead a healthy, positive way of life. NHBHC is driven by a unique philosophy; opening a door to patients and creating an opportunity for “New Hope to Be Born Again.”

Consistent and reliable patient transportation has proven pivotal in New Hope’s patient retention rate. Without a transportation barrier, patients miss fewer appointments and have the opportunity to fully engage with New Hope’s treatments and services. With Veyo as its transportation management partner-of-choice, New Hope can focus on delivering life-changing treatment for individuals dependent on opiates. “Our partnership with Veyo has had a significant impact on our patients’ outcomes,” said Schierhold. “The ability to give our patients the safety net of coordinating transportation services to and from treatment makes a huge difference in their ability to complete a program or maintain sobriety. Recovery is a long journey, and without reliable transportation it wouldn’t be possible.”

Download our latest case study to learn more about how New Hope has partnered with Veyo to provide over 38,000 trips to and from their center over the last two years.

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