2017 Conference Schedule

It’s conference time again! Join the Veyo team at some of the upcoming conferences we’ll be attending. Want to set up some time with us while we’ll be there? We’d love to meet up with you! Just shoot us an email at sales@veyo.com. We’ll keep this list updated throughout the year and add useful info like booth numbers […]

Five ways healthcare transportation must change in 2017

Josh Komenda shared his thoughts on the future of healthcare transportation in the latest post from MedCity News. You can find the original article here. Each year, our country’s Medicaid agencies and managed care plans spend nearly $5 billion getting Medicaid members to and from healthcare appointments as part of their health insurance and non-emergency […]

How Veyo Stands Apart from Consumer-Based Transportation Network Companies

Beginning in 2011, the way consumers hailed a cab completely changed with the introduction of the rideshare model. Also known as Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), these consumer-focused models have disrupted the manner in which people like you and I get around cities and towns around the world. These TNCs also dramatically changed the quality and efficiency […]

Can a TNC join the NEMT space?

It’s a popular topic today in healthcare: can a TNC (Transportation Network Company) survive in the NEMT industry? To dig into this answer, let’s first take a look at TNCs. What is a TNC? TNCs, or Transportation Network Companies, use online-enabled platforms to connect paying passengers looking for transportation with drivers using their own non-commercial […]