Veyo Featured IDP: Rachel from our Arizona Market

June 18, 2021

Every month, we feature a driver and their Veyo journey in their own words. In honor of Father’s Day this month, Rachel from Arizona talks about a father’s unconditional love for his son, and how she uses her caregiving skills for her father to help members.


Rachel Arizona IDP 1

“I arrived at the member’s pickup location. I knocked on the door. It took them a while to come out. They were a young boy and his father. The father had a big backpack. It was a long trip. So I started chatting with them. The boy was quiet but the father shared with me that he took a day off at work to take his son to that appointment. I could tell that it was a sacrifice for him but it’s something that he’s more than willing to do for his son. The father was very attentive to the boy even during our conversation. The boy seemed to be a little uneasy to be in a car ride. But the father just knew what to do to keep his son engaged and comfortable. He was very patient with him. He gave him toys and did activities with him. He even sang to him. I could tell that the boy started feeling more at ease. Even though he didn’t say a word, he was looking at his father with an appreciative expression. Then I realized why it took them a while to come to the door in the beginning. The father was trying to prepare his son for this long trip to the appointment.

Rachel Arizona IDP 2

I have five children myself. Veyo gives me the flexibility to take care of my kids. Being a parent is not easy. It’s incredible to see the father maintain that level of patience, commitment, and understanding. A real parent is someone who puts their children above their own needs and wants. And this man did just that and beyond.

Rachel Arizona IDP 3

I became the caregiver of my father after my mother passed away. I signed up with Veyo because I wanted to use my caregiving skills to help the members. I liked Veyo over rideshare because it is more than a service, it attends to members’ needs. Some of the members are like my father. They don’t get out much and sometimes I’m the only one that they talk to that day or for a while. That’s why I try my best to make all my passengers feel comfortable and hope I will brighten their day. I started driving during the peak of the pandemic and even though things are getting back to some sort of normalcy, one thing has been consistent – my passengers have always been grateful for my service and my care.”


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