Veyo Featured IDP: Nicole B. from our Arizona Market

March 18, 2021

Every month, we feature a driver and their Veyo journey in their own words. In the Women’s History month, Nicole from Arizona talks about women empowerment, and how she uplifts her passengers by encouraging them to prioritize self-love.


“I thought it was just another ride. She was really quiet but I like making conversations with my passengers so I got her to start chatting with me. She shared with me that her father’s passing and the unhappy relationship that she’s in had really impacted her self-esteem. She’s feeling isolated and insecure. She just wanted to stay home all the time and would go out only if it’s absolutely necessary.

That reminded me of the relationship that I was in for 8 years. My former partner provided for me and my two children financially. He even built a brand new home for us. But he projected his own insecurities on me. He didn’t allow me to work, go to school, or have friends. I’ve always been ambitious and a go-getter. I wanted to do more for myself. When I realized he wasn’t going to give in, I walked away from the unhealthy relationship for the wellbeing of myself and my kids. Though we lost our dream home and resources for our basic needs, I was determined to build our lives from the ground up and I knew I could do it.

I signed up with Veyo because I wanted the flexibility to spend time with my kids. And the income will help me get back on my feet. It worked out great. I was able to provide for them. In the beginning three of us were staying in a studio. Then I worked my way up to a 1-bedroom apartment, then a 2-bedroom one. Right now I’m working to get our first house!

I’m closer than ever with my children. I’m very proud of who they’ve become. My son is serving our country in the military. His attitude is always ‘anything is possible’. He is motivated to tackle any challenge in his way. For my 16-year old daughter, I will make sure she’s strong, ambitious and never settles for anything less than what she deserves. I will stop at nothing to make sure every woman I come in contact with knows her worth. I’m so proud of my children and myself. I build my journey my own way, and it makes me feel great!

Ever since I got out of that relationship, I’m motivated to help people. I’m an optimist and I like making people’s day. My grandmother had always been a strong woman and it was what she said that helped me find myself again. She said, ‘Don’t put up with anyone. Never stay in an unhappy relationship or wait on anyone to give you what you want. You can get it on your own. Always put yourself first!’ So that’s what I told the passenger. I shared my experience with her. I once was where she was and knew the feeling. I said, ‘It takes time but you have to make yourself a priority and learn to love yourself no matter what is going on around you.’ By the end of the trip she thanked me for sharing my story and said she was going to put every effort to be positive and make herself a priority.

I got matched with the same passenger recently. She seemed so much happier than the first time I met her. She said she took my advice and was prioritizing self love. She was planning a trip for herself and she was kind enough to invite me to join her. I was just happy that she’s learning to love herself. My grandmother would have been proud of where I am today and the difference I made in others’ lives.”


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