Veyo Featured IDP: Mykia from our Arizona Market

May 21, 2021

Every month, we feature a driver and their Veyo journey in their own words. This month, Mykia from Arizona talks about how a simple kindness gesture can make the world a better place, and save lives.


“You never know what others have been through. It only takes a simple kindness gesture to make the world a better place.

I used to be a successful broker for a wealth management company. But it was such a stressful job that I decided to take a break. My mom, who used Veyo’s service to get to her doctor’s appointments, suggested that I drive with Veyo during my break. She said all the drivers were helpful and friendly, and she thought that it would be a great fit for my personality. 

I was skeptical at first so I decided to tag along to my mom’s appointments so that I could learn more about how Veyo worked and how the drivers were like. The drivers that I spoke to all seemed very happy and, more importantly, they were stress-free. They said they made really good money with Veyo while helping people in need. So I decided to give it a try. 

The application process was fast and simple. I was able to start driving right away. Though I’m usually a talker, I was super nervous on my first day so I didn’t talk during the rides. I felt more comfortable after a few rides so I started chatting with my passengers. 

That afternoon I picked up a young gentleman from a psychiatric facility for a 40-minute ride. I started the ride by asking him how his day was. He said it could be better. So I asked what music would make him feel better and I turned it on for him. He started opening up to me by telling me that he went into the psychiatric facility in hopes of resolving his issues upon completing the therapy. But the therapy hadn’t helped. He didn’t want to live anymore. He told me that he was going to take his own life once he got back to his apartment after I dropped him off. When I looked at him in my rear mirror I immediately knew he was serious.

At this point, we were halfway to his apartment. I knew I needed to get his mind off of his suicidal thoughts. I remembered he mentioned that his mom also lived in Arizona, so I asked him to tell me more about her and think about how his mom would feel without him. He started crying because he loved his mom. I was able to convince him to call her and ask her to meet us at his apartment. 

When we arrived his mother was still on her way. He was still unstable, so I decided to stay with him and did my best to keep our conversation positive. I told him that it was very courageous of him to take the initiative to get therapy, and that situations always get better. His mom finally pulled up and walked up to my car. She kept thanking me for staying with him. I’ll never forget what the young man said to me as he was leaving my car: ‘It was a blessing meeting you.’

I drove away thinking ‘Wow!’ I had to pull over to take it all in. Who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t asked him how his day was. 

Driving with Veyo is such a breath of fresh air. You never know who you will pick up next, never know what they’ve been through. I drive passengers of all ages to their appointments, and I never judge a person by their ‘cover’. 

I ended up quitting my very stressful broker job. People think I’m crazy, since I was making a lot of money there. But I need to live to spend the money. I make a solid income with Veyo, and it’s such a rewarding experience. On top of that I feel absolutely safe as a woman driving with Veyo. All my passengers are friendly and the rides are usually during the day.

Right now I’m working toward becoming a global entrepreneur in many different avenues – online boutique, real estate investor, etc. The pandemic made me realize that gig workers are very important and that I can’t rely on only one stream of income. By 40, I want to have 6 streams of working income.

I’m thankful for Veyo. It gives me confidence that I can be my own boss, make all my rules. When you have a 9-to-5 job, you are following a path others designed for you. You may not realize that you can create your own. I love my life right now – I’m making good money while having fun, meeting interesting people, and helping the community!”


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