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Scaling Sunshine Wheels with Veyo

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Born from over 30 years of experience in care, Sunshine Wheels is a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) service exclusively dedicated to providing reliable wheelchair and ambulatory transportation services to individuals with mobility challenges.

With years of experience in transporting residents with mobility challenges, the staff at Sunshine Wheels possessed not only a deep knowledge of wheelchairs, equipment, and patient safety, but also a nuanced understanding of the balance between respecting individuals’ right to be independent while also being there to meet their needs — difficult lines to navigate without the right experience and training.

Sunshine Wheels was ready to deploy a dependable, caring, safe and reliable fleet. But they needed a powerful yet simple system to manage scheduling across all their clients that would allow them to maintain their standard of service and care as they scaled.

Learn how Sunshine Wheels partnered with Veyo to implement RideView, a simple transportation scheduling and payment service that enables client staff to not only book trips with ease, but also access real-time information for every trip, such as trip status, pickup and drop-off details, and contact information on one user-friendly interface.

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