Rideshare partnerships help patients get to doc on time

April 24, 2017

Rideshare partnerships help patients get to doc on time

Veyo was recently mentioned in a Modern Healthcare article around rideshare technology in patient transportation. The original article, “Rideshare partnerships help patients get to doc on time,” can be found here.


“This is one of those rare innovations where you can both improve the service and reduce cost at the same time,” said Dr. Sachin Jain, president and CEO of CareMore.

But rideshare partnerships are not without challenges.

Uber and Lyft drivers don’t have the training or expertise to handle complex patients who may need help walking from their door to the vehicle, said Josh Komenda, president and co-founder of Veyo, a NEMT broker based in San Diego that offers rideshare services but trains its drivers to work with complex patients.

Veyo, which operates in six states, delivers about 8,200 rides per day via rideshare. The company has saved its customers, which includes health plans and state Medicaid agencies, about $7 million per year compared to other NEMT providers without rideshare benefits.

“We think it’s critical the drivers understand the population they are working with,” Komenda said. “They need drivers who understand the challenges they are facing.”

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