A Note from Our President: Diversity is What Makes Us Strong

June 4, 2020

I hope this finds you and your families safe. We’ve all been through a harrowing 2020 so far, and the challenges and pain feel like they just keep coming. Over the past several weeks we’ve witnessed a series of truly upsetting and tragic police encounters. We’ve also seen a growing level of awareness around these troubling issues that can no longer be put to the side. I think all of us at Veyo firmly believe that we can–and must–do better as a country and we share in the frustration and anger felt across our country right now. We are incredibly proud of the diversity of Veyo, and our nation in general, and firmly believe it’s that diversity that makes us strong. 

The recent protests and demonstrations that have followed these tragic events have caused us to reflect upon ourselves as individuals, as a part of the Veyo community, and as a part of our larger community. I think we can all agree that we have a long way to go on the road to racial equality. But one thing is clear: Veyo will not stand for the unequal treatment of people of color and we will advocate for our Black colleagues, friends, and community members. Now is not the time to be silent. It is the time to start listening, learning, and having those hard conversations that will help us move in the right direction. We want to create a place where everyone feels comfortable to speak their minds about their own personal experiences, feelings, and concerns.

To start those conversations at Veyo, we are working on a variety of internal initiatives that we hope to launch very soon – initiatives that will be aimed inward (Lunch and learn dialogues, the creation of diversity groups, etc.) and outward (paid time-off for community cleanup efforts, local community partnerships, etc.). Our goal is to bring awareness to these issues and more importantly, encourage everyone to stop talking and start doing. Whether it’s signing a petition or donating to a cause, we can all support this movement in some way.

We will continue to share updates as we launch these new initiatives, but in the meantime, I wanted to share a few ways that you can start now:

How can you help? 

I hope everyone and their families stay safe,

Josh Komenda