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Veyo was created to revolutionize the healthcare logistics industry and member experience through a technology-first approach to non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). Our approach integrates technology from the consumer transportation space with a network of highly efficient independent driver-providers who are specifically trained for healthcare.

We partner with health plans and state governments to coordinate safe, efficient, and reliable transportation for their members. In addition to providing reliable transportation, our advanced technology, data analytics, and business model set a new standard for quality, efficiency, and transparency.

We’ve created over $7 million in savings for healthcare payers and we’re now the third-largest NEMT broker in the US and growing quickly. What makes us different?

  1. Veyo was built, from the ground up, to be a healthcare ally by using data and technology to cut costs and improve outcomes. 
  2. The Veyo Platform is designed for the management of a state and/or health plan’s NEMT benefit. 
  3. Veyo brings innovation to the very broad needs of health plan memberships: we cover all modes and all regions.

In just under five years, we’ve completed over 30.2 million trips across the country. Our innovative fleet of IDPs boasts an on-time percentage of 97.9% and a grievance rate of just 0.03%. We’re not your typical transportation broker, and we’re way more than just an app. Want to learn more? Share a few details and we’ll send you more info about how Veyo is solving the logistics challenge of NEMT.

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